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Default Just starting off on this journey!

Hello ladies! My wife and I were recently married in May, and we have decided to try and conceive, however, I know how challenging it is going to be as I have PCOS and will be the bio mama! I'm 28yo and I am cautiously optimistic about getting excited about our future journey into the medical world of fertility. I have yet to find an OBGYN, but as soon as I do, I know we will start talking about medication...which I am not happy about, seeing as how I like to keep my life simple and as western medicine free as possible. My question to you ladies is, what have you used, what has been successful, and is any of this medication dangerous to our future child or my ability to breastfeed (which is wildly important to me)? My PCOS causes me to have maybe 1 or 2 periods a year and they only last a couple days. I worry I won't be able to get pregnant at all... any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks ladies!!

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Hi Tiffany!!

I popped over to this thread for the first time, read your post and saw you had no responses! I'm so sorry about that! Congratulations on being a newlywed and making the decision to become a mommy! I know what you mean about not wanting to take medication but unfortunately, it's not much of a choice for us pcos-ers. A lot of women on here have discussed more natural/herbal options but I'm not sure how reliable they are and I'm thinking it takes a lot of experimenting and more time.

If I let my pcos go untreated I'm not even sure I'd get a single period a year. I stopped birth control and went 3 months without one, had it induced and repeated that a few times before discovering the problem. You need a reproductive endocrinologist ASAP. Your OBGYN will likely refer you to one in your area. MAKE SURE YOU LIKE THEM!! They will be the know it alls that will help you get preggo. You MUST get on a path of more regular cycles asap as well. When we don't menstruate, we don't shed our uterine lining, causing it to build up and put us at high risk for endometrial cancer. Don't worry about breast feeding or harming your unborn child. I plan on breastfeeding all of my little ones. These doctors would not put us at that risk of not being able to do that. Of course many perfectly healthy, non-pcos mommy's can't breast feed because of various reasons so be realistic in knowing that in all pregnancies, it's not a guarantee. I tried an oral medication commonly and relatively newly used to treat pcos called metformin. This seems to work for a lot of overweight women with pcos over time. It never worked for me but I still take it to keep my insulin levels under control which in turn keeps my testosterone levels down. I then tried clomid which also works for many women. It's a simple 5 day timed cycle of medicine that is supposed to help you ovulate. Also works for many women, not me. I quickly moved to injections. It sounds scary but once you do it (if you have to) it's no big deal at all. This worked and in my first 3 weeks of taking it I had FIVE super eggs waiting to be fertilized. I then had an IUI (intrauterine insemination) just to give sperm a chance to bypass all the juices and whatnot and get a straight shot at my uterus. Once your eggs are nice and plump they give you a shot to trigger them to drop, forcing you to ovulate. If you guys will be using a sperm donor, IUI will most likely be what your route of fertilization will be. We were very blessed and got pregnant on our first try with this combo and now we're just over 12 weeks pregnant with triplets.

Feel free to send me a private message with any more questions. I usually check the fertility and pregnancy boards the most and don't want to miss you if you have any more questions on this board. I wish you and your wife the very BEST of luck!!!!!
Dx- 8/10/10
Symptoms- "String of LOVELY pearls" on both ovaries, absence of period. (period)

-Mixed 2000mg Metformin w/ 50 mg Clomid
**What worked** 3 weeks of gonal F, trigger, IUI & major amounts of boning.

12/24/2010 (11dpo)- BFP!!!!
TRIPLETS!!!!! born @ 35w1d- 8/2/11
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